• Our Boxes

    Hello there! This is just a quick blog post sharing some pictures and comments that our lovely subscribers have posted about our boxes as they arrive. Carrie on Intsagram said ‘So many wonderful sewing goodies. Thank you for the inspiration again!’ Vikki said ‘This stitching kit from Belle and Bright is fabulous! Looking forward to... Read more »

  • March Update

    Things have been crazy with us of late. Belle and Bright HQ is on the move and, frustratingly, there has been hold up after hold up so we are currently working out temporary accommodation. We are so excited to set up a permanent home for Belle and Bright and for the new ideas that we... Read more »

  • Tutorial: April 2017

    Here is the April 2017 tutorial for you to download! Download April 2017 Tutorial (PDF)  

  • Tutorial: May 2017

    Here is the May 2017 tutorial for you to download! Download May 2017 Tutorial (PDF)

  • Tutorial: June 2017

    Here is the June 2017 tutorial for you to download. Download the June 2017 tutorial (PDF) Videos accompanying this tutorial can be found by searching ‘Belle and Bright’ on YouTube.

  • Tutorial: July 2017

    Here is the July 2017 tutorial for you to download!   July Standard

  • Tutorial: August 2017

    Here is the August 2017 tutorial for you to download! The video accompanying this tutorial will be added to this blog post by Thursday.   Download August 2017 Tutorial

  • Tutorial: September 2017

    Please click on the link to download the September Belle and Bright tutorial. September Tutorial

  • Tutorial: November 2017

    Here is the November 2017 tutorial for you to download! Click here to download (PDF)