How It All Began

Hi folks,

For those of you reading, who subscribe to our stitchery kits, you might know some of this already as we love to chat with you. If you don’t know us already, hi!

This is very much an abridged version, we don’t want to keep you all day…

Belle (Claire) and Bright (Jess) are an Aunt and Niece team. We’ve always been close and would spend hours baking and chatting. That baking and chatting turned into chatter along the lines of, ‘wouldn’t it be lush to bake together all the time and have a cute little shop that sold amazing baked goods and pretty trinkets and handmade gifts.’ This was waaaay before we’d ever sat down at a sewing machine together.

At some point, we began crafting together. My earliest recollection of something we made together was really sweet little bracelets made out of leather and beads. Fun, but not nearly satisfying enough. This progressed onto knitting and crochet. This was a huge moment because like the clever clogs Claire is, she managed to teach me to knit (shock horror!) This was something even my incredibly accomplished at knitting Nanny couldn’t teach me to do. (I couldn’t grasp crochet though.)

We both loved sitting down and knitting together but didn’t enjoy it as much when spring and summer came around. We did get very good at cable knitting, but to this day I can only knit a square or something scarf shaped.


Sewing seemed like the next progression. Claire had become interested in quilting from the wonderful inspirational world of Instagram and Pinterest.


One of the first things we made together was a gorgeous little tissue case. It was so lovely, that it featured as a project in one of our stitchery kits last year.

My mind popped at how cutting, pinning, folding, sewing and turning led to this beautiful end result. Sewing seemed to come more naturally to us both. We both had some basic background knowledge of working on machines and hand sewing, Claire from school and working in schools and myself from school and uni.

Finally, the push to a partnership came when Claire’s beloved school received the sad news that it was going to be closing down, so she opted for voluntary redundancy and was at a loss for what to do next.

I had a young baby and was feeling a bit unfilled outside of my role as a mum. I was lucky enough to be only working part-time now, so had a bit of time to commit to working with Clairey.

And so Belle and Bright was born.

Claire loves quilting. She is the main project designer and tutorial writer (she’s the brains, I’m the brawn!?) I enjoy embroidery and hand stitching and have learnt to quilt under Claire’s excellent tutelage.

Today a year and some later, the Belle and Bright blog is born Yay! Who knows what will feature here? We hope to share a little bit of everything we are into.

We think it would be lovely to share what we are working on at home in our spare time. There will be posts about sewing notions we love and wouldn’t be without. Hopefully, there will be little project ideas and tips that feature from time to time. There may also be the odd recipe that winds its way in. We are girls who love to move with the seasons and many sewing projects we undertake are so heavily influenced by the seasons, we quite ceremoniously eat and drink seasonal delights whilst we work on these projects.

Anyway; To anyone who is new to the Belle and Bright website today, welcome and we hope you have enjoyed a snippet into the often strange world of Claire and Jess. To our dear Belle and Brighters thank you for your continued support, it’s dearly appreciated and we love chatting with you.

To everyone, we all start somewhere, with lots of fails along the way, but the key is to just start.

That’s our aim to get you started and hopefully loving sewing.

Love Jess and Claire xxx